Emigration to the New World - the largest migration in history

Emigration to the New World of America - the largest migration in history. The migration of Europeans across the Atlantic is the largest and most fully documented at the same time overseas migration in human history. In the same period (1815th-1914th) approximately ten million people moved from European Russia to Siberia, as well as in India, China and Japan are taking a large movement of population. After the first colonists and pioneers - wage laborers. Immigrants come as wage laborers on just open labor market. Countries in arriving accept them, but they do not offer any possessions. Offer them only chance of survival and - a chance for success. In the countries they come from social relations are almost feudal, and America already leads the summer civil system. Liberal social circumstances "promised land" deftly and skillfully in all areas allow the rise of what their home is not yet possible.

Who were the first settlers?

Emigration to the New World - the largest migration in history. The period of the first settlers in the territory of the United States is tied solely to Anglo-Saxons. Greater immigration continental Europeans in the United States begins with the Germans brought about thirty years of war and economic hardship, making fifteen thousand German peasants and workers moving to America in 1709. Already in 1766 the English colonies in America were about 200,000 German immigrants.

However, mass migration across the Atlantic begins with the Irish; their overpopulated and poor country is literally starving, and after the disaster with the failure of the potato yield, basic foodstuffs, 1846th-1847th Irish population was reduced from eight to less than three million!
The largest part of the survivors moved to Liverpool, the nearest port, and from there mainly to America.

Mass emigration from continental Europe

Mass emigration continentals began in the second half of the 19th century and at the peak of the early 20th century. After the "first wave" which refers Germans and Scandinavians, began the "second wave" (or "new emigration"), which refers more and more immigrants from Italy, Russia (Jews) and - Central Europe (Austria-Hungary).

Country of emigrants leaving does not provide them the basic requirements of survival and does not offer the life you desire. A lot of them less directly encouraged to leave and religious reasons or national oppression.

However, many do not go forever, but just to earn a better life at home. / source: http://www.muzej-rijeka.hr/

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