Odigrano je prvo kolo EuroJackpota u Hrvatskoj

Hrvatski igrači Eurojackpot lutrije završili su sa uplatama za prvo kolo ove nove europske lutrije. Večerašnji rezultat Eurojackpota objavljujemo na našoj stranici koja će od sada osim talijanskog lota pratiti i ovu novu igru europskog lota. Europski loto Euro jackpot nova je igra slična Euromillionsu. Brojevi večeras 01.02.2013.: 2 4 14 26 29 DOPUNSKI 6 i 7

America’s Powerball lottery is gaining momentum and drawing the attention of lottery fans from around the world. In the most recent U.S. Powerball draw on Wednesday, 30th January 2013, the jackpot was once again left without a winner.
The $1 million second prize went to three winners, in Florida, New York and Virginia, who could have doubled their wins if they had selected the Power Play multiplier on purchasing their lucky tickets.
The U.S. Powerball has consistently offered the largest lottery prize since 2013 began, holding onto first place on theBig list of lotteries in the process. Some are now wondering if it will beat its own record jackpot of $588 million, set in November 2012, or even the world record of $656 million, awarded by fellow U.S. lottery Mega Millions less than eight months earlier.
Even though the jackpot has not been won in over a month, the U.S. Powerball has distributed approximately $67 million to more than 5 million players in the last seven draws. More details, including the payout per winner for each prize division, can be found on the U.S Powerball lottery results page.
Currently, America’s Powerball is offered in 42 states, as well as Washington D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands. California, which has a population of 38 million people and represents almost 12% of U.S. residents, is set to join this list in early spring. Whether the current jackpot build-up is won by then or not, this will bring a significant boost in sales for the U.S. Powerball lottery.

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