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The SuperEnalotto is one of the world’s richest lottery draws, and before the advent of the Euromillions, was certainly Europe’s richest lottery. The SuperEnalotto is the Italian Lottery and its jackpots are considered some of the hardest in the world to win. Rollovers are common and the lottery has boasted some of the biggest top-level lottery wins in the world! The SuperEnalotto Italy launched back in 1997 and since then, the lottery has gone from strength to strength. Lottery players get three chances each week to play for the SuperEnalotto jackpot, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Over the years, the SuperEnalotto has created some of the biggest lottery jackpot winners in Italy, and more recently, the world as players across the globe get a chance to play online. The first significant jackpot for the Italian Lottery was back in 2005 when a 10-strong lottery syndicate scooped €71 million. That record has been smashed several times since then, and the most recent top Italian Lottery prize was €177 million that went to an unnamed lottery winner in 2010. This record jackpot has been beaten in cash terms only by the record Euromillions jackpot worth £161 million (€185 million), won by a Scottish player in 2011. Taxes on SuperEnalotto Lottery jackpots. Like most lottery draws across Europe, the SuperEnalotto is tax-free, so the amount advertised as the top prize before the draw, will be what you will win should you be lucky enough to scoop the jackpot. How to win the SuperEnalotto jackpot. With draws three times weekly, players get plenty of chance to have a go at the SuperEnalotto jackpot, however, odds are some of the longest in the world. This is because during the draw, 6 numbers are drawn at random, from a ball pool of 90 balls; one of the biggest lottery pools in the world. To win the SuperEnalotto jackpot you must match all six numbers on your lottery ticket to the numbers drawn in the draw. In addition to the 6 balls, a seventh ‘Jolly ball’ is drawn, this acts as a bonus ball and makes up the second level prize tier. In addition to the two top prizes, there are several lower tier consolation prizes in the SuperEnalotto, but it’s the legendary lottery jackpots that make the SuperEnalotto so popular. Odds of winning the SuperEnalotto jackpot. Odds of walking away with the SuperEnalotto jackpot are some of the longest in the lottery world, at around 1 in 622 million! It’s the reason the lottery is famous for its inflated jackpots and what makes the SuperEnalotto hit the world lottery news pages week on week! Even overall odds of winning a prize on the SuperEnalotto Italian Lottery are long, at over 1 in 100, but that doesn’t stop the draw being one of the most popular in Europe and even around the world. / http://www.lotteryjackpots.co /

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SuperEnalotto is a 6 from 90 game that offers huge jackpots every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. All draws are held at 8pm in Italy, but participation in this lottery game is now open to players all over the world, thanks to the ability to buy SuperEnalotto tickets online.

SuperEnalotto is the most popular national lottery game in Italy, and is played by millions of players each and every week. Launched in December 1997 by a private company (Sisal SpA), SuperEnalotto replaced the earlier Enalotto game that had been played since the 1950’s. In 2009 the SuperEnalotto jackpot topped the €100 million mark and produces jackpots of record breaking proportions quite often. Unlike many other lotteries around the globe there is no cap on the amount of times that a Superenalotto jackpot can rollover; the main reason that such large jackpots are achieved for this lottery.

You can take part in Superenalotto by purchasing your tickets online from anywhere in the world. To take part in this hugely popular lottery, click the "play now" button or visit the buy official tickets page.