Prognoza Croblogera za 128. kolo Superenalotto

Pratim za vas igru talijanski loto. Ja nemam mogućnost igrati superenalotto u Italiji niti to želim ali redovito se kladim u kladionicama. Za sljedeće kolo sam uplatio listiće kako slijedi: broj 1 za 100 kn (13 euro), broj 90 za 40 kn ( 6 euro),broj 67 i 34 za 15 kn ( 2 euro) te broj 88 za 10 kn ( 1,4 euro).

Ti seguo per il gioco del lotto italiano. Non ho la possibilità di giocare in Italia o SuperEnalotto vuoi regolarmente ma scommetto che in scommesse. Per il prossimo turno che ho pagato le carte come segue: N. 1 per 100 kN (13 euro), n. 90 per 40 euro (6 euro), n. 67 e da 34 a 15 kN (2 euro) e n. 88 a 10 kN (1,4 euro).

Ich folge dir für das italienische Lotto-Spiel. Ich habe nicht die Fähigkeit, in Italien oder Superenalotto spielen wollen es regelmäßig, aber ich wette, in Wetten. Für die nächste Runde ich Paid-Karten wie folgt: Nr. 1 für 100 kN (13 Euro), Nr. 90 für 40 Euro (6 Euro), Nr. 67 und 34 bis 15 kn (2 Euro) und Nr. 88 bis 10 kn (1,4 Euro).

I follow you for the Italian lotto game. I do not have the ability to play in Italy or superenalotto want it regularly but I bet in betting. For the next round I paid cards as follows: No. 1 for 100 kn (13 euro), No. 90 for 40 EUR (6 euro), No. 67 and 34 to 15 kn (2 euro) and No. 88 to 10 kn (1.4 euro).

Я следую за итальянский игры в лото. Я не имею возможность играть в Италии или супереналотто хотите регулярно, но я держал пари, в пари. Для следующего раунда я заплатил карт следующим образом:№ 1 на 100 кН (13 евро), № 90 за 40 евро (6 евро), № 67 и от 34 до 15 кН (2 евро) и № 88 до 10 кН (1,4 евро).

Je vous suis pour le jeu du loto italien. Je n'ai pas la possibilité de jouer en Italie ou Superenalotto veux qu'il régulièrement, mais je parie que dans les paris. Pour la prochaine série de cartes que j'ai payé comme suit:N ° 1 pour 100 kn (13 euros), n ° 90 pour 40 euros (6 euros), n ° 67 et 34 à 15 kn (2 euros) et n ° 88 à 10 noeuds (1,4 euro).

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SuperEnalotto is a 6 from 90 game that offers huge jackpots every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. All draws are held at 8pm in Italy, but participation in this lottery game is now open to players all over the world, thanks to the ability to buy SuperEnalotto tickets online.

SuperEnalotto is the most popular national lottery game in Italy, and is played by millions of players each and every week. Launched in December 1997 by a private company (Sisal SpA), SuperEnalotto replaced the earlier Enalotto game that had been played since the 1950’s. In 2009 the SuperEnalotto jackpot topped the €100 million mark and produces jackpots of record breaking proportions quite often. Unlike many other lotteries around the globe there is no cap on the amount of times that a Superenalotto jackpot can rollover; the main reason that such large jackpots are achieved for this lottery.

You can take part in Superenalotto by purchasing your tickets online from anywhere in the world. To take part in this hugely popular lottery, click the "play now" button or visit the buy official tickets page.