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SuperEnalotto The Enalotto lottery is fifty years old and. Sisal has run it since April 1996, after tendering the winning bid to the Ministry of Finance After taking over management of the game, Sisal proposed a change in the game's formula to the Ministry of Finance in order to make it simpler and more appealing. The Ministry issued a decree on 30 October 1997 authorizing the change and approving the new formula.To play SuperEnalotto, a player must guess, in any order, the first six numbers extracted from the lottery wheels of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome. The players with 6 points (six correct guesses) win, but so do players who win 5+1 (those who have marked their betting slip not only with five correct guesses but also with the joker or wildcard number, the first number extracted from the Venice lottery mixing drum), and those who have realised 5, 4 or even only 3 points.The prize money for the "6" and the "5+1" that is not won is accumulated in the jackpot for "6" of subsequent weeks.Since March 28th 2006 the game became more interesting thanks to a further chance to win given to all players with the right "SuperStar"-number. Players can win not only with 6, 5+, 4 and 3 right numbers, but even with 2, 1 or none if they have the right drawn SuperStar-number. For all players choosing the SuperStar-option winnings are paid immediately.SuperEnalotto is the simplest game, with the highest winnings and the largest number of people who win. In May 4th 2005 SuperEnalotto established a truly exciting record when ten lucky players at Milan won EUR 72.090.405,19 breaking the fantastic record of 13th August 2003 when a fortunate winner at Veduggio con Colzano (MI) cashed EUR 65.985.105,96. That topped the first unforgettable record of 31 October 1998 when a group of 100 lucky players, nearly the whole village, at Peschici won EUR 32.706.977,38. Indicating its approval of Sisal's operation, on 28 September 2000 the Ministry of Finance renewed the concession for the management of the SuperEnalotto lottery for a term of two years followed by an additional two-years term, as published in the "Gazzetta Ufficiale" n° 281/30-11-2004 "...L'Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (Governmental Authority competent to games, bets and lotteries) notifies the renewal of the concession for the management of the SuperEnalotto lottery by Sisal for a five-years term on 20 September 2004."

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SuperEnalotto is a 6 from 90 game that offers huge jackpots every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. All draws are held at 8pm in Italy, but participation in this lottery game is now open to players all over the world, thanks to the ability to buy SuperEnalotto tickets online.

SuperEnalotto is the most popular national lottery game in Italy, and is played by millions of players each and every week. Launched in December 1997 by a private company (Sisal SpA), SuperEnalotto replaced the earlier Enalotto game that had been played since the 1950’s. In 2009 the SuperEnalotto jackpot topped the €100 million mark and produces jackpots of record breaking proportions quite often. Unlike many other lotteries around the globe there is no cap on the amount of times that a Superenalotto jackpot can rollover; the main reason that such large jackpots are achieved for this lottery.

You can take part in Superenalotto by purchasing your tickets online from anywhere in the world. To take part in this hugely popular lottery, click the "play now" button or visit the buy official tickets page.